TANUKI-Japanese lucky charm - Piggy bank

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Very nice Tanuki-shaped lucky piggy bank is a good omen for business.


The Tanuki is a raccoon dog native to the Far East and is one of the oldest

Japanese folklore character.

He is considered mischievous but also naive and has a great ability to transform.

Tanuki is also one of the oldest lucky charms, especially protecting business.

Traditional characters
Tanuki: it is the raccoon dog, one of the oldest lucky charms: it has the ability to protect business

Rabbit: is the symbol of sacrifice and generosity

Rana: in Japanese Kaeru, it is an amulet against accidents

Owl/Owl: in Japanese Fukuro, it is the symbol of success and protects finances

Jizo: is the Buddhist monk protector of children and travellers

Kitsune: is the Japanese fox symbol of intelligence and longevity

Daruma: is the symbol of perseverance and tenacity

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