Sanrio set of washi tapes and stickers,DIY accessories

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The Sanrio set of washi tapes and stickers is a fabulous addition to any creative project or art piece. The set features an array of cute and colorful designs featuring Sanrio's beloved popular characters like Hello Kitty, My Melody, Pompompurin, and many others. The washi tapes come in various widths, making them perfect for different applications and adding a pop of color and personality to any surface. These tapes are easily removable, so they won't damage the surface you stick them to. 

The set also includes 10 stickers and 10 washi tapes, with various themes such as birthdays, holidays, and everyday life. The stickers are a perfect accompaniment to your washi tape projects or as standalone stickers to decorate your favorite belongings creatively. 

Furthermore, the Sanrio set includes DIY accessories that provide endless opportunities for creating unique and personal decorations that reflect your style and personality. These accessories include various types of beads, charms, and string that you can use to design your jewelry, keychains, and other fun items. With this set, you can unleash your artistic creativity and make gorgeous DIY crafts that reflect your style and creativity. 

Overall, the Sanrio set of washi tapes and stickers, and DIY accessories is perfect for anyone looking to add a unique flair to their art projects and craft sessions. This set offers a ton of options, and with its playful, whimsical designs, it's perfect for anyone who loves Sanrio's adorable characters.

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